Panopto for Mac: Errors and Known Issues

Errors and known issues listed below are a compilation of common errors encountered by students using a Mac computer to complete their Panopto-related performance assessment.


Troubleshooting guidance attempts to address the root cause, applies a workaround, or provides a help resource to resolve the issue.  If you do not see your issue listed below, please visit our Panopto FAQs compilation.



Panopto for Mac: Error Message or Known Issue






Troubleshooting guidance


“Creator Access Needed”


1.     Confirm lack of recording access.


2.     Email with a message that you do not have the “Download Panopto” link.



“Screen capture in progress”



1.     Review the article, Why do I see “screen capture in progress” on the Panopto recorder?





“Panopto can’t record”


1.     Open your "Finder"


2.     Open "Documents"


3.     Determine whether there is a Panopto Recordings folder within Documents.


4.     If not, create a new folder within Documents and name it: Panopto Recordings (it must be named exactly this).


5.     Go back to the Panopto recorder and try clicking "Create New Recording" again.




“File is corrupt”, uploaded file doesn’t work


1.     Confirm the video file plays on your computer.


2.     If it plays on your computer, but is a corrupt upload into Panopto, there may be unknown codec that needs removal.


3.      Run the video file through HandBrake to produce a converted file.


4.      Upload the converted file into Panopto instead. It should upload without issues.





Pixelated, blocky video upon playback


1.     Confirm your OS X is 10.11 or higher by clicking on the Apple icon, then select "About this Mac." Pixelated videos were a known issue with Mac OS X 10.9 and lower. This is rarely the root cause any longer since OS X 10.10 and lower are no longer supported by Panopto.


2.     If very blurry, and using the WGU-issued webcam, try focusing the dial around the lens and reviewing tips within the article, Webcam Setup and Troubleshooting.


3.     If only slightly blurry, but the demonstration can be viewed and speech is clear, consider submitting the video link for evaluation.







“Could not process”, or stuck at 0% processing


Determine if the session's raw files captured on your Mac:


1.     Open your "Finder"


2.     Open "Documents"


3.     Open "Panopto Recordings" folder


4.     Locate the subfolder that corresponds with the date/time of your recording session.


5.     Locate the "DV" .mp4 file (when clicked this file should play your primary video/audio)


6.    If your video task only requires a primary video: Upload the .mp4 file using the tutorial provided in the article, How do I upload a video file into Panopto?


7.      If your video task requires video and a multimedia component:  Use the Mac tutorial attached in the article, How do I re-upload a Panopto video I accidentally deleted? using steps to "build a session"


Redirected to logon page or an error page when clicking on hyperlink from an Office document




 Log in again.


Find more information here.








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