Panopto for Windows: Errors and Known Issues

Errors and known issues listed below are a compilation of common errors encountered by students using a Windows computer to complete their Panopto-related performance assessment.


Troubleshooting guidance attempts to address the root cause, applies a workaround, or provides a help resource to resolve the issue. If you do not see your issue listed below, please visit the Panopto FAQs compilation. 


Panopto for Windows:

Error Message or Known Issue




Troubleshooting guidance

“Creator access needed”


1.    Confirm lack of recording access.


2.    Email stating that you do not have the “Download Panopto” link.


“HTTP Status 404, the requested resource is not available”


1.     Launch the recorder from WGU’s Panopto website instead of through programs.


“Panopto has stopped working” –or-

Universal C Runtime



A Windows update that the Panopto recorder depends on may not be on your computer.


1.     Download and install this update on the affected computer.


2.     The other fix is to run your Windows update and install “all” updates, not just essential updates.


“File is corrupt” Uploaded file doesn’t work


1.    Confirm the video file plays on your computer.


2.    If it plays on your computer, but is a corrupt, upload into Panopto; there may be unknown codec that needs removal.


3.    Run the video file through HandBrake to produce a converted file.


4.    Upload the converted file into Panopto instead. It should upload without issues.


.NET framework error


1.   Update your computer’s .NET framework, then try downloading Panopto again.


2.     If the update does not work, try downloading the .NET framework offline installer here. Then try downloading Panopto again.


“Display driver” error


The computer’s display drivers are outdated.


1.    Navigate to the driver company’s support site (e.g. “AMD”) to locate an automatic driver download update.


2.      The other fix is to try to use the manual driver download update on the company’s support site.


EdTech Service Desk support may be needed.


“Media pipeline” error


The computer’s graphics drivers may be outdated.


1.      Close out the Panopto recorder.


2.      Try running all pending updates.


3.      Restart the computer.


4.      Re-open the recorder and try recording.


“Can’t Create Output File”


1.     Clear the cache on your web browser, then try downloading Panopto again.


2.     If this does not work, use detailed steps in the PDF tutorial attached below this table.


“Cannot locate a suitable machine ID”


1.     Try uninstalling the Panopto recorder, restart the computer, then reinstalling the recorder.


2.      If this does not work, use detailed steps in the PDF tutorial attached below this table.


“PowerPoint is not installed”


1.      Use detailed steps in the PDF tutorial attached below this table.


Redirected to logon page or an error page when clicking on hyperlink from an Office document


1.       Log in again.


2.    Find more information here.



Specific tutorial attachments below:


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