Performance Assessment Submission: Business and IT Students

Performance  Assessment Submission: Business and IT Students


Students in most Business and IT programs will be transitioning to the integrated process for submission of performance assessments. During the transition, students may be submitting performance assessments in Taskstream or in their course. 


To identify if you are part of the integrated submission process access your Course via the Student Portal and navigate to the assessment specific information. If you do not see a Taskstream button but something similar to the screenshot below, please use this page for instructions and information on how to submit your performance assessment.


Integrated Performance Assessment View

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View this video for a brief introduction to the new process.  For additional questions, please contact the Assessment Services team.


For additional information on Taskstream process click here


Frequently Asked Questions



Performance Assessment Details

Submission Process





Why is WGU making a change to the submission process?


We developed our new experience to give you a better experience for submitting your performance assessments. You will be able to do the following:


- Navigate more easily with a more logical workflow

- See the status of your evaluation of your course

- Enjoy a more cohesive and attractive interface design

- Use the WGU Mobile app to review your tasks and evaluation scores (integration coming soon)


What if I am in a Business or IT program, but I am still seeing Taskstream as my option for submitting my performance assessments?


Students that have already activated a course in Taskstream before the move to the new experience will need to submit via Taskstream.  Also, some select programs were not migrated to the new experience at this time but will be migrated on a future date. If you have questions about whether you should have access to the new experience, please reach out to your Course Instructor.


Will my Course Instructor and Program Mentor be able to see my evaluation report?


WGU Faculty will continue to have the necessary visibility to assist students with any possible revisions.


Performance Assessment Details


Will the performance assessments be different than the Taskstream version?


The assessment tasks are identical to the tasks in Taskstream. The directions and requirements have not been altered, and the same qualified evaluators will complete the evaluations.  


What if I already submitted an assessment using Taskstream?


Students who have started an assessment in Taskstream, before moving to the new submission process will need to complete the entire assessment, including task revisions, in Taskstream.


Will I submit all my performance assessments using the new process?


For Business Undergraduate students most courses in the current term will be migrated to the new process by the end of the day on August 28, 2018. The exception is for courses where the student has already started using Taskstream; there will be no change if the student is already using Taskstream. Courses in future terms will use the new process.



What if I have an assessment still in Taskstream that I want to be moved to the new submission process?


Tasks not yet submitted via Taskstream can be moved to the new process by contacting the Assessment Services team to request the move. Students who have already submitted tasks in Taskstream will continue to use Taskstream for the course.


How long will it take my assessments to be evaluated using the new process?


As WGU faculty, our evaluators strive to be accurate, fair, helpful and quick. We will notify you via email and WGU notification when the evaluation is complete. We strive to provide evaluations within 72 hours.


Submission Process (short instructional video)


How do I access my performance assessment tasks?


All tasks required for a performance assessment are visible from your course. To read the requirements of the task and work on it, click the View Task link. (Shown Below).


SC screen shot 1.png




How do I locate task instructions such as the rubric?


After clicking the View Task link from the Course Assessments section. The task overview provides all the information you need to complete your task. You can use the navigation on the left to jump to specific sections of the task description, review the rubric, or access files attached to the task.

 Handbook Article Competencies.png



How do I submit my assessment for evaluation?


              Follow the basic steps below or view the short instructional video for submission instructions.


 1. From the course click the View Task link. (Note: once you begin the submission process, the Task Status will show as "In Progress" until you select the final Submit tab.)


Submission Alert:  If you see a Task Status still "In Progress" your submission has not yet been submitted for evaluation.


sc screen shot 3.png


 2. To upload your work or submit the task for evaluation, click the  Submission tab.

 Handbook Article Submissions Tab.png


 3. You can upload files by dragging and dropping them or by clicking the Upload File button to browse your computer for the file. Most tasks will require files to be uploaded. 

 Handbook File Upload.png


 4. After upload, refresh your page to see your originality score and score report if applicable. Click here for additional details on originality reports.


Handbook Originality.png

5. If you are ready to submit the task for evaluation, click the Submit button. To continue working on other files or parts of the task, click the Save button. 

 handbook Submit.png



 6. After you submit your task, you’ll see the status change to Work Submitted and a timeframe to expect your evaluation. We will notify you via email and WGU notification when the evaluation is complete. We strive to provide evaluations within 72 hours.


How do I request my Originality Report?


Uploaded files will automatically be submitted for originality review.  Refresh your page for access to your originality score and a link to the originality report.


Handbook Originality.png

 Note: Not all file types are compatible with the originality review. Non-compatible files will show an N/A rather than originality score or report link.




What if I have questions that are not addressed in this document?


Contact the Assessment Services team with any questions or feedback.


What if I have questions about the course content or assessment criteria?


         Contact your Course Instructor for course specific questions.





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