Should I resubmit all task attachments with my resubmission?


Should I resubmit all task attachments with my resubmission?


It is in your best interest to resubmit all required task components when resubmitting your revised work. Additionally, some tasks require that all components are included with a resubmission based upon the interconnected, dependent, and/or sequential nature of the performance task.


The Evaluation department presents the following information as the guiding principles for task resubmissions:


Performance Assessments are intended to be an authentic assessment of student competence.  Frequently they are a deliverable such as a lesson plan or marketing plan. As such, the alterations required to demonstrate competence need to be within the given assessment construct. The philosophy is that the student should end up with an artifact that can be provided as a holistic unit to any audience including but not limited to future employers, accrediting bodies, a second reviewer or evaluator, etc. If students only submit a section of the overall artifact with the pertinent changes, we never end up with a truly authentic assessment artifact.


From an originality perspective, the resubmission of only one section that needs revision (or more detail) can lead to an elevated Turnitin or Unicheck score, which may not be the case if it is included with the overall work. Additionally, if a work has been scored unsatisfactory due to an originality issue, the entire work must be resubmitted; as the next evaluation will start as if it is a first submission.


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