What are rubrics and why are they used in performance assessments?

A rubric is a scoring guide that WGU evaluators use to evaluate performance assessments. Rubrics divide competencies and objectives into specific aspects. Each aspect is assessed on its own merit. Rubrics also identify different levels of performance. WGU performance assessments use rubrics as a scoring guide.


For Students:
Rubrics provide students with important information about what is expected and what kind of work meets specific competencies. Rubrics also provide important information related to what type of work students will be completing. Reading a rubric very carefully, understanding what is required in each aspect, is essential to student success.


For Evaluators:
Rubrics provide evaluation faculty with a consistent framework to assess competence. Evaluation faculty look for specific evidence to support each aspect of the rubric. The evaluation faculty provides feedback on areas that need revision to provide insight into the reason for the scoring and to highlight areas that still need to be addressed.


This video, “Understanding Your Assessment Rubric,” explains how rubrics work and how you can use them in preparing your assessment submission.


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It is also important that you follow task directions to effectively prepare for your performance assessment.  Please see, “What are the task instructions used in performance assessments?”. 



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