What are the expectations for lesson planning in DT?

During your Demonstration Teaching (DT) experience you are expected to write your own plan for every lesson you teach. You will be assessed on your competence in writing and implementing lesson plans based on the content of your plans as well as on information and feedback from the host teacher and clinical supervisor. If you are a teacher of record, you still need to create detailed plans for your observations with your clinical supervisor to demonstrate your lesson planning competence, even if you are not required to do this in your day-to-day planning by your school or district. 

Follow established guidelines and school policies regarding lesson planning. You should generally use the same procedures and format as the host teacher. If your host teacher (HT) does not specify a lesson plan format, use the WGU lesson plan or other approved format found in the Field Experiences Community.

Early on your HT may share his or her plans with you, but you are expected to take those plans and make them your own by adding specific information you will need to guide you through each lesson and to ensure your students master the objective of each lesson.

Plans for CS (including Teachers of Record): When you know the date the clinical supervisor (CS) will be observing you, submit your lesson plan to him or her at least three days in advance of that date. Some CSs want to see all of your plans in a notebook to see your progress. Ask your CS what he or she expects along those lines. You do not have to submit these plans to Taskstream.

Plans for HT: Submit lesson plans a week in advance to your HT so he or she can give feedback and suggestions and get them back to you in time for you to study the plans and content and gather your materials. The pacing guides in the WGU Field Experiences Handbook can help you plan for this. You do not have to submit these plans to Taskstream.


Note: Teachers of record are expected to follow their school and district requirements for day-to-day lesson planning (e.g., handing in all lessons to principal if required, keeping an up-to-date plan book, etc.).

Plans for Taskstream: You will submit only a selected number of lesson plans based on the TWS, CalTPA, MoPTA, or edTPA requirements. This information is available through Taskstream instructions and your cohort seminar. Your cohort facilitator can tell you more about this.



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