What is Panopto?

Panopto is WGU’s video management system. The platform hosts many of the video resources you will use as a student, and extends accessibility features (such as closed captioning, mobile viewing, and offline downloads).


Watching videos developed by Course Faculty, which are embedded within your courses of study or linked within course materials, is a prominent way video will impact, and support, your learning experiences at WGU.

Please use the links below to view tutorials on using and navigating the video system. If prompted to sign in to view, select “Sign In”. You will be redirected to the student portal login page to use your single sign-on (SSO) credentials. These videos, and others, are also permanently located in the WGU Channel

Sometimes students experience difficulties in viewing course videos which are powered by Panopto. To review Panopto Support documentation on troubleshooting various viewing issues, click here.

Finally, students enrolled in select assessments will interact with Panopto to create, or upload, their own video presentations. For the student Panopto FAQs compilation, click here. For the most frequently viewed resource about submitting performance tasks for which students use Panopto, see: How do I submit my personal Panopto video in Taskstream?



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