What is an Originality Report?

An Originality Report is available every time you submit a performance assessment. The Originality Report compares your submission against all other student submissions in the Turnitin database and provides an accurate depiction of what would be considered original/authentic work. It also displays any matches to other submissions in the database and the Internet.

Interpretation of an Originality Report

The specific allowable threshold will be provided in most task instructions. If it is not noted, then use the 30% overall and 10% for the highest individual match as described in this paragraph. There are two important aspects of the originality report score: the overall similarity index and the highest individual match. An overall originality score (similarity index) of no more than 30% is allowable for most tasks after the bibliography and small matches are excluded. This percentage can be found in the upper right hand corner of the page in the box marked “Similarity Index.” The highest individual match should not exceed 10% for any one source. The individual match percentages can be found in the text-only view; in the upper right hand corner to the left of the printer. Then, change the drop-down menu to “show matches one at a time.” The individual match is the first box that does not have a message in red containing all or part of the phrase “this match has been excluded.”


If a paper has a similarity index below 30%, but a review of the Originality Report shows a clear match to another individual work, it may receive an originality referral, even when below the threshold.

Revision is needed if any match is a concern. Ensure that the submission consists of your own thoughts and/or ideas.


Note: Cited information, whether quoted or paraphrased, should enhance and support your thoughts and writing and should still be under the 30/10 rule of thumb.


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