What is the Excellence Award program?

Since January 2012, WGU has given Excellence Awards (EA) to students for their outstanding demonstration of competence on performance assessments. Although WGU grants nearly 1,000 awards a month, only one percent of eligible student submissions are recognized, making receipt of an EA quite an honor. Besides meeting the criteria associated with each award, WGU evaluators discuss with their manager and teams what truly constitutes excellent work in each course. Each evaluator has the discretion to nominate deserving work during the evaluation. The goal is to nominate only those submissions that are worthy of the EA honor.

There are three types of EAs that you may obtain while at WGU, depending on your degree program:

Excellence Award – You can achieve this award throughout your degree journey by submitting outstanding work on individual tasks. If an evaluator identifies the work as exemplary, he or she may nominate an exceptional performance task submission that is passed on the first attempt with the highest available score on each aspect of the assessment and no articulation errors by stating why it was chosen. Once approved, you will be notified of the award through email with the nomination statement, along with a link to e-certificate that you can print or share. You may also request that a hard copy be mailed to you.

Capstone Excellence Award – You can only earn this award for the capstone, which is the culminating project at the end of your degree journey. Superb projects represent top work in their expression of ingenuity, exhibition of mastery, or creation of exceptional value to others. Capstones with high rubric scores on each rubric aspect, average few task submissions, have appropriate originality scores, and are completed within a reasonable amount of time are eligible for consideration. Evaluation faculty nominate excellent submissions that are then reviewed and approved by Evaluation management. If chosen, you will be mailed a certificate from the WGU Records Office, and they will note this recognition on your transcript. You may also be invited to have your capstone published in the Capstone Excellence Archive.

Capstone Simulation Excellence Award – If you are in WGU’s MBA program and your team scores 90th percentile or higher on the national business simulation, you will be honored for this achievement, once related performance tasks are completed. When awards are given monthly, you will receive a congratulatory email with a link to an e-certificate that you can print, share, or request that a hard copy be mailed to you.

There is no application or self-selection process; these awards simply offer an exciting boost along your degree journey or a pleasing accomplishment for the capstone at the end. If you aspire to this type of recognition, do your best in fully demonstrating every aspect of each competency required by the assessment. Remember that maintaining On Time Progress (OTP) to graduation is essential to attaining the most important recognition: your WGU diploma, the ultimate seal of your degree competence!


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