Which Institutional Review Boards do I need approval from for my research?


I'm conducting all or part of my research off-site (at a non-WGU site). Should I apply for study approval through the other site's IRB and the WGU IRB?


Yes, if the other site has an Institutional Review Board (IRB). In addition to the informed consent of study participants, if you plan to conduct research at a cooperating institutions or organizations site or use their resources, you will need to obtain permission from an authority of the site, (e.g., principal, supervisor, etc.), before IRB approval may be granted.  The approval may take the form of the site authorities signature on the informed consent document. Site approval is needed when:


  1. Research is conducted on their premises
  2. Research subjects are recruited from their institutions
  3. Data is gathered from the staff or records of these institutions.
  4. The research involves the use of organizational resources such as a company directory, database or computer, space in their building, or the organizations broadband connection.


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