Why can't I take my Readiness Assessment?


Why can't I take my Readiness Assessment?


Below are solutions to issues most commonly reported by students.


Possible Issue 1: You cannot access your WGU portal to take the Readiness Assessment.


To gain access to your portal to take your Readiness Assessments, create your WGU student account via the 'Create an account' link on the login page of the WGU portal.


Possible Issue 2: The Readiness Assessments do not load but displays “started” and nothing happens when you click on the Assessment links. Try the following to resolve:


Restart your browser after completing both of these steps before attempting to access the assessment again.


Possible Issue 3: Unable to submit the Essay Readiness Assessment due to the session timing out.


Prior to submitting your Essay Readiness Assessment, copy the entire text and paste it to a blank document (such as Word or Notepad). If you are unable to submit the assessment because your session timed out, send the copied text to your enrollment counselor (EC) and they can submit it on your behalf.


Possible Issue 4: If you are experiencing issues with the student portal, you may access the Readiness Assessments directly: https://webapp46.wgu.edu/admissions/view


Possible Issue 5: If you are a returning prospective student and need your Readiness Assessments reset, contact your enrollment counselor (EC).

        If you have already contacted your EC but the Readiness Assessments look as though they need to be reset:



General Readiness Assessment Information:


What are the Readiness Assessments: http://www.wgu.edu/admissions/readiness_assessment



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