Why is my video upload not progressing in Taskstream?

Video uploading may be delayed for a number of reasons. If your upload is not progressing, check to make sure that you have closed out of all programs on your computer so that the upload is the only active function. 

You may also check your Internet speed/bandwidth. If others in your household are using the Internet or devices and are sharing your bandwidth, it could cause the upload to become very slow. 

The delay could be caused by the Internet browser that you are using to upload your video in Taskstream. We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome will also work. Internet Explorer may cause delays and other issues.  


Note: Panopto videos are not uploaded directly in Taskstream. Instead, the link (URL) to the Panopto video is submitted. For information on how to obtain, and submit, a Panopto video link in Taskstream, click here.



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