Professionalism and Conduct Expectations for College of Information Technology Students

Students in the College of Information Technology are expected to interact and conduct themselves in a professional manner just as they would in a professional work setting. Students should respectfully engage with WGU faculty and staff all times. This includes in verbal phone conversations as well as in the language and tone used in written communication such as email or chat threads. Professional courtesy and conduct is expected not only as a student here at WGU but will be important factor in career advancement. 


Below are some examples of professional behaviors and how they translate to the workplace as well as support one's journey as a student in the College of Information Technology at WGU. 
Professional Behavior In the Workplace As a Student at WGU

Manage Your Schedule

  • Ensure you are on time to meetings.
  • Communicate if you will be absent.
  • Be ready and prepared for scheduled phone appointments with your Program Mentor or Course Instructor.
  • Use WGU's scheduling tool to re-book if you know in advance that you can't make your appointment.

Communicate and Collaborate

  • Ask questions of your co-workers to solve problems as a team.
  • Reach out to other departments for cross-functional collaboration.
  • Know when to reach out for help. Connect with your Program Mentor and Course Instructor early and often.
  • Feel comfortable asking for help and setting goals with WGU faculty to gain perspective.

Meet Deadlines

  • Stay on task with your team's identified project schedule and timelines.
  • Turn in tasks and deliverables to your manager as required and on time.
  • Set the date of your test and meet the deadline.
  • Identify the target and stay on pace with small weekly goals to achieve the predetermined deadline of the course.
  • Keep on pace with the course to make progress over the full duration of your six-month term.

Communicate Professionally

  • When a challenge arises with a co-worker work to provide them feedback to come to a resolution together.
  • Use business writing for emails and presentations. This includes using complete sentences and spell check in addition to ensuring tone is supportive to the group.
  • It's ok to be frustrated. Work with WGU faculty and staff to find a resolution to a concern or road block. We are here to help so take advantage of phone based conversations to find a resolution.
  • In emails, chat threads, and task submissions type in complete sentences, use spell check and ensure tone is appropriate for a professional setting.


Students who have questions regarding professionalism and conduct are encouraged to speak directly with their Program Mentor or take advantage of the various services and tools made available within the student portal.