Third-Party IT Certification Exam Expectations and Proctored Testing Centers



Third-Party IT Certification Exam Expectations and Proctored Testing Centers

Certifications are built right into the programs in the College of Information Technology at WGU. Some of the courses students will complete will result in a third-party IT industry certification, which may be added to a résumé as further demonstration of the qualifications as an IT professional. Obtaining the required IT certifications as described in each program guide is a required step toward passing a course, demonstrating competency, and graduating from every program here at WGU within the College of Information Technology. WGU's objective assessment policy applies to third-party vendor certification exams, but there are other limitations to consider as well. 


Students should take the following into account as they approach certification exams:



As with a WGU objective exam, tuition covers the cost of the first two attempts at a certification exam. Students who require a third or fourth attempt would pay for the cost of that exam on their own. Vendor-specific, third-party certification exam prices vary; WGU will provide the student with a discounted voucher for any attempt after the second attempt through our agreement as an educational institution.  WGU does not reimburse for any student costs incurred while not following the WGU voucher-request process. For questions regarding how to request a voucher contact Assessment Services (opens new window)


Even with the discounted voucher, certifications may cost more than $100 and some may cost as much as several hundred dollars. The best approach to avoid this added cost is to work closely with WGU's Course Instructors (opens new window) and to use the resources provided in the course prior to the first attempt at the certification exam.  



Certification Exam Limits 

Certification exams are available to the public, so one may be tempted to purchase an exam testing voucher on their own and take the assessment without going through WGU. Students should avoid circumventing WGU's objective exam policy and attempting third-party certification exams on their own due to the following circumstances: 

  1. Many certification vendors have limits on the number of attempts an individual may take on a certification exam that differs from WGU policy, and their policies can change at any time. 
  2. Taking a certification exam by circumventing WGU does count as an attempt with the third-party vendor and may limit the number of attempts you may take with WGU. 
  3. Taking a certification exam outside of WGU may affect one's progress toward graduation. For example, consider a vendor policy that only allows four attempts at the certification within a 12-month period. Taking the exam twice through WGU and twice on your own with the vendor within a three-month period means you would need to wait nine-months before attempting the exam again per the vendor testing policy. This would affect student's WGU transcripts and could potentially delay graduation date. 
  4. Finally, WGU reviews outside coursework and certifications for transfer credit only during the transcript review process prior to admission. Transcript credits will not be accepted after WGU enrollment has occurred. Please review WGU's transfer credit process for further details regarding transfer credit for certification exams within the College of Information Technology. 



Certification Exam Score Reports 

After attempting certification exam, you will be required to submit your score report to WGU (, regardless of the score you achieved. This is a different process than for other assessments you will complete at WGU. If student passed the exam, a "Passed" status will be posted to the Degree Plan, and students can move forward with your next course. If one did not pass the exam, WGU needs the score report in order for another voucher to be provided for the student to attempt the exam again, keeping in mind both the WGU retake policy and the third-party vendor retake policy.  


Students should review the score submission process located within each section for each IT third-party certification vendor exam. 



Third-Party Certification Exam Testing Environment 

Many third-party vendors require candidates to take their exams at a live, on-site, proctored testing center. Some testing centers may be located closer to well-populated cities. Students should note that testing centers set their own hours and are independent both of the third-party certification agencies and of WGU. It will be important for students to plan ahead when working in a course with a certification exam so to allow for proper lead-time and consideration of testing center availability, location and hours of operation to make any personal arrangements need to complete the IT third-party certification exam as needed for the demonstration of competency within the program. 



Courses that require a Third-Party Certification Exam 

For a listing of which Third-Party Certifications are included in each program can be found on the degree page for each program at (opens new window)


Students should also speak with their Program Mentor to understand the courses within their degree plan that would directly translate to a certification as a demonstration of competency