The Math Center has a learning resource on the Math Center Website called EdReady. You will find the following:

  1. Teachers’ College Course and Test Prep containing the ACT, C-BEST, CASA, Elem. Ed. Content Exam Math, FTCE-GK, TAP, MTTC, MoGEA, NES, OGET, PAPA, SAT, WEST-B, GACE, Praxis Core and THEA review choices to help you prepare for the math on your state’s teacher basic skills exam.
  2. General Education Course Preparation with Basic Probability and Statistics Review, Physics Math Prep, C278 College Algebra, and C463 Intermediate Algebra extra practice.
  3. Business College Course Preparation with Data-Driven Decision Making graduate math preparation, Accounting, Finance, and Economics graduate and undergraduate math.
  4. Health Professions College Course Prep with Applied Healthcare Statistics Prep and Nursing Informatics Specialty - Data Science and Analytics Prep.
  5. Calculus Prep with a review of concepts needed to master Pre-Calculus skills.

EdReady consists of math problems, tutorial videos, lessons and mini exams that have been aligned with these topics. Use your WGU portal information to log in. 


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