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I’m in the Teacher’s College.  I have to pass some exams (Basic Skills, Praxis, PAPA, CASA, WEST-B, NES. …) to graduate. When should I take them?


Begin preparing as soon as you have completed all the math content courses required (usually MEE3).  You will need to pass the basic skills exam before starting PCE (Observations) and complete the content exam before Demonstration Teaching. 


When you have completed that 3rd MEE course you have the best chance to do a little review and then complete your exams. If you delay, those math skills that were fresh in your mind will fade. It will require more work to prepare later.


What exam do I need to take?

Your best resource is to check with your program mentor.  Also check with your state licensing website or office. WGU requirements reflect your own state of residence's needs and requirements.

Check out our WGU Math Center Basic Skills Exam (core exam) and Content Exam U.S. state maps in the resource section below! 



What resources does the Math Center have? 


Besides our wonderful Math Center instructors, we have created a resource page for the math portion of the basic skills exam and elementary ed content exam. Click on your exam below, then on the U.S. state in which you live to find out what resources we have and a suggested plan.

 We also have Live Cohorts for teacher certification exams. Check out our Live Events page. 


Other important links for Teachers College students: 


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