Pre-Calculus Essentials for Computer Science

Welcome to preparations for Calculus I. This prerequisite information offered by the Math Center is for students entering the BS Computer Science program. It is designed to refresh and emphasize mathematical mechanics that prepare you for engagement in Calculus I in the first term of your program. We will use a customized e-text by OpenStax that incorporates instruction, guided practice, and module exercises.  


Note: Students who elect to engage this material will not receive credit for work completed toward a degree or other formal award. Since this activity is not credit-bearing, there are no associated course costs and it is not eligible for financial aid funding. There is no assessment associated with this material and no indication of a pass or not pass will be granted for engagement.


User Guide

The User Guide contains full directions and links to the learning materials. Read the material for each lesson; complete the guided practice and module exercises. At the end of each lesson, review the Lesson Summary, which targets key concepts you should know. 

  • The User Guide is here.   
  • Note: The User Guide contains the links to the instructions, guided practice, and lesson exercises.  
  • Download and save the User Guide for step-by-step instructions.  You may also print the User Guide and use as a checklist for tracking units completed. 


To get a good start:

  • Spend a few minutes looking through the competencies and the content to get a general grasp of what is covered. The outline is here.  
  • Purchase a scientific calculator and familiarize yourself with how to use it. Refer to the Calculator Guidelines in the WGU Student Handbook for details regarding calculators that are acceptable on WGU exams.



Math Center

Do you have questions or need more personal help? Did you know that you could schedule an appointment with a math center instructor before the beginning of your term? You can! Your success is our success. Use this link to book a live appointment to share a screen and work problems together with a Math Center instructor. In addition to a live appointment, the Math Center also provides assistance via Live Chat and a Help Line. They can be accessed as follows:


  • The Math Center’s Live Chat.  Instant assistance! - lower right-hand corner.  


  • The Math Center’s  Live Help Line. Instant assistance! - lower right-hand corner also

 1-877-435-7948 x3153:  Mon - Thurs (9am-9pm MT)

                           Fri - Sat (9am-12 noon MT)

       Sun - (6pm-9pm MT)

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