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How prepared are you for your Calculus course?  How much information from your previous math courses do you recall?  Do you recall how to compute the perimeter and area? Can you graph equations of lines?  Do you remember the rules for exponents?  Have you heard of sine and cosine?  What is a function?  All of these skills and more are expounded upon here.  Just follow these helpful steps and you will be well on your way to becoming successful in Calculus.



Step 1: Check and polish the foundational skills in EdReady.

To get started, go to EdReady, choose Calculus Prep:2018-05-09_10h20_30-edit.png

Take the diagnostic, and follow the custom study plan (see EdReady for Calculus Prep instructions).  EdReady contains practice problems, videos, lessons, and mini-exams - almost everything you need in one package.  Work with a Math Center instructor to fill in the gaps.


Step 2: Review key Pre-Calculus topics covered in the videos below.


Perimeter and Area

Graphs and Equations of Functions

Writing Equations of Lines

Average Rates of Change

Exponentials and Graphs

Rules of Exponents

Logarithms and Graphs

Summation Notation

Angles and Radians

Sine and Cosine

Trigonometric Functions and Graphs


Step 3: Get help with the Math Center!

That’s what the Math Center is for.  Just click the pic:wgu_timetrade.pngThen choose a time that fits your schedule.  At the Math Center, you can meet with whomever you like, when you like, and as much (or little) as you like.  


You can also email us at

*Have fun!  We look forward to working with you!

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