BSRN (Term 2) Admission Following BSPRN (Term 1)

1. Students are ranked for competitive admission to the BSRN Clinical Nursing program upon successful completion of the BSPRN term*. To be eligible for ranking, a student must have successfully completed all courses in their BSPRN term AND be compliant with all ADB** requirements:


  • * CA students will progress to Term 2 provided all Term 1 requirements have been satisfied.
  • **ADB Requirements include: a background check, drug screen, completed physical exam, completed immunizations, required titer screenings, completed CPR certification, proof of health insurance, Healthcare Provider Attestation, Student Attestation, and AHCA fingerprinting (FL students only).
  • Candidates must also meet requirements for admission including, but not limited to, program mentor recommendation, interview and professional comportment/dispositions.


2. Students who are eligible for ranking (see #1) and not admitted may be eligible for admission to the next available cohort starting CASAL I:

  • Applicant will be subject to the WGU Prelicensure BSN Readmission Policy.
  • Applicant must complete steps to be re-ranked for enrollment consideration.
  • Re-enrollment may require new TEAS, background checks, ADB* Requirements, and/or updated enrollment documents.


3. Students not admitted due to non-completion of all courses in their BSPRN term OR noncompliance with ADB** requirements OR not meeting other admission requirements are not eligible to reapply to the BSPRN Program. 


4. Students not admitted due to a positive background check or drug screen that prohibits clinical placement are not eligible to reapply.





Article Number: 57423