Clinical Learning Lab Scheduling

Clinical learning labs provide students with clinical nursing instruction. The Health Placement Specialist is responsible for scheduling students, instructors, and labs via a centralized scheduling mechanism as follows:


  1. The Health Placement Specialist collaborates with the Health Placement Manager, and State Director of Nursing or designee to ensure an adequate number of students, lab facilities, and qualified instructors are available to conduct scheduled labs.
  2. Lab placements are based on lab and instructor availability and are subject to change. Any change in placement may require a change in date, location and/or group assignment. However, all lab placements are consistent with student learning needs.
  3. Students are responsible for ensuring personal availability for each clinical learning lab day by coordinating their clinical learning lab schedules with employers, child care providers, etc. Unforeseen circumstances may require changes to the clinical learning lab days.
  4. All student requests for lab absences (partial or whole days), re-assignments, etc. must go through the Health Placement Specialist as makeup assignments will need to be individualized per occurrence.
    • Students must make their requests directly to the Health Placement Specialist for consideration.
    • If student illness, local weather or emergency prevent a student from attending a clinical learning lab, the student must notify the State Director of Nursing and Health Placement Specialist. Make-up work for the missed lab hours will be arranged on an individual basis.
  5. The Health Placement Specialist notifies students of their upcoming lab facility placements at least three days prior to the first day of a scheduled lab and/or assessment.
  6. Assessment testing concludes each medical-surgical clinical learning lab series for each clinical course. Students must pass the assessment to progress to the clinical intensive for the course. Visit course progression for prelicensure nursing (opens new window) policy for details regarding clinical learning lab assessments.

    Note: All Clinical Lab Assessments are videotaped.


Article Number: 20524, 2840