Clinical Learning Labs


Clinical learning labs enable students to connect online, didactic learning to clinical learning. Students learn nursing skills and nursing care in regional on-site facilities where low, medium, and high-fidelity patient care simulation is available.

Students typically engage in 2-6 eight-hour days per clinical course to learn nursing skills and patient care through working with skills trainers and high fidelity simulation scenarios.

Following each clinical learning lab experience, student performance is evaluated as a qualifier for clinical learning placement in patient care settings. In other words, students must pass clinical learning lab assessments in skills and/or simulation to progress to clinical learning settings.


Preparing for Clinical Learning Lab

The clinical learning labs are designed to assist students in developing nursing skills and clinical judgment. Students are to come to each clinical learning lab prepared to apply what has been learned in each Course of Study. Student success in the clinical learning labs and in clinical learning lab assessments depends on this preparation.


Clinical Learning Lab Attendance

Attendance is mandatory for all clinical learning lab days and is a requirement for progression to clinical intensives for each course. If an unplanned, unpredictable life-event occurs which interferes with a student’s ability to attend a lab day(s), students must work with a Health Placement Specialist to determine alternate arrangements. Failure to notify the Health Placement Specialist of an absence may result in a disposition submission and/or disciplinary action.
Clinical learning labs are scheduled for eight (8) hours per day. It is up to the clinical learning lab instructor to determine if a learning lab day ends early. Otherwise, students are not permitted to leave early. If a student must leave a clinical learning lab day early due to an emergency, they must coordinate this with the clinical learning lab instructor. The clinical learning lab instructor in turn, works with WGU personnel to determine student make-up needs.
The only person who can excuse a student from a clinical learning lab day is the Health Placement Specialist in collaboration with the State Director of Nursing. Inability to attend a scheduled learning lab day may delay student progress in the program.


Invasive Procedures in Nursing Clinical Skills/Simulation Lab

Students are not permitted to practice invasive procedures (i.e., catheters, injections, or intravenous access) on each other in any clinical lab or clinical intensive learning environment.  


Article Number: 20515, 2483

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