Nursing Student Handbook Home Page

General Nursing Program Policies

Mission and Philosophy of the WGU Nursing Programs

Nursing Programs Conceptual Model

Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing

Prelicensure Nursing Program Unifying Theme

Masters Degree in Nursing

English Proficiency Requirement for Nursing Licensure Programs

Criminal Background Check Procedure for Admission to WGU Nursing Programs

Protected Health Information

Academic Progress - Nursing Programs

Appropriate Chain of Escalation for Student Communication - Nursing Programs

WGU Nursing Programs Event Discovery and Quality Improvement Counseling

CHP Code of Professional Conduct and Dispositions 

CHP Nursing Code of Professional Conduct and Dispositions 


Prelicensure BSN Program Additional Policies

Clinical Experiences in Nursing Programs

Essential Performance Standards for Clinical Nursing Education

Prelicensure Clinical Lab and Clinical Intensive Evaluation Grade Appeals

Course Progression for Prelicensure Nursing 

Prelicensure Nursing Program Assessment and Retake Policy

BSRN Admission Following BSPRN Term

WGU Prelicensure BSN Readmission Policy

Clinical Learning Labs

Clinical Learning Lab Scheduling

Clinical Intensives

Nursing Student Identification and Professional Image Guidelines

Professional Equipment for Clinical Learning

Accident/Injury/Illness in a Clinical Setting

Nursing Student Impairment 

WGU Prelicensure Nursing Inclement Weather/Local Emergency Policy

WGU Recognized Holidays

RN Licensure Qualifications and NCLEX-RN Testing






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