Prelicensure Clinical Lab and Clinical Intensive Evaluation Grade Appeals

Note: All Clinical Lab and Clinical Intensive grade appeals are handled within the Nursing department. There is no university-level appeal for lab or clinical grades.

Students are to follow the process below to initiate a Clinical Lab or Clinical Intensive grade appeal:


  1. Submit the appeal in writing to the student’s program mentor. This appeal must be submitted within one week of receiving a lab or clinical assessment grade. The following information is critical to address a student’s concern:
    1. Enter “Appeal of  [course title] [lab/clinical] Grade:  [Name] on email subject line.
    2. Enter student name, student ID number, state of residence, and cohort number in the first line of the email.
    3. Include the nursing course title, specifying lab or clinical appeal, and the grade received.
    4. Include feedback and evaluation by the lab or clinical instructor.
    5. Provide a description of the issues or concerns and what the student believes should have happened.

      Include the following, as applicable:
      • What problems did you experience?
      • What circumstances led to the problems you experienced?
      • How did you attempt to address the problems?
      • What will you do in the future to avoid similar problems?
      • What have you learned from your experience?
    6. Relevant citations to the course text or other credible source supporting the student’s assertion.
  2. Once complete, the program mentor will forward the student’s appeal to the State Director of Nursing. If additional information is required, the State Director of Nursing will contact the student.
  3. The State Director of Nursing investigates the concern, including, but not limited to, the following documentation:
    • Student’s appeal documents
    • Original assessment results with evaluator scoring 
    • Any additional artifacts or supporting documents (e.g., lab, assessment videos, clinical coach observations, clinical instructor observations)
  4. If the investigation confirms inconsistencies or mitigating circumstances in the assessment process, the State Director of Nursing will escalate the discussion to include the Vice President of Academics, College of Health Professions.
  5. The State Director of Nursing will notify the student of the appeal decision and accompanying rationale. This will be communicated in writing, to the student and the program mentor, within 48 hours of the completed review.



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