Professional and Inter-Professional Leadership and Communication in Healthcare Policy

Professional Leadership and Communication in Healthcare and Inter-Professional Leadership and Communication in Healthcare


  • Students are required to begin the course and cohort sessions in the first month of their term.
  • Students are required to attend every scheduled cohort session with their assigned group.
  • Students are responsible for arranging personal schedules, including childcare and employment, to ensure participation in the cohort experience. No cohort attendance exceptions will be made.
  • Failure to attend a cohort session and/or failure to participate in all cohort sessions (e.g. leaving a cohort session early, coming late to a cohort session, or not participating fully in the cohort experience) may result in a change in the student’s enrollment, term start date, or withdrawal from the university.
  • Failure to pass the course during the student’s first term may impact the student’s program progression.



BSHI, BSHIM, Health Informatics, Health Information Management

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