WGU Prelicensure BSN Readmission Policy

Students qualified for admission to or withdrawn from the Prelicensure BSRN Nursing Program, whether administratively or upon request, may appeal for readmission to the Prelicensure Nursing Program and must realign and start with a cohort within two years of the date of withdrawal. Students begin the appeal for readmission by emailing admissions@wgu.edu. See the policy Readmission Following Withdrawal (opens new window) for applicable fees and other university requirements.


Per the above referenced policy, students seeking readmission must complete a WGU Readmission form. The form requires the following information:

  • The name of the program the student wishes to reenter
  • The reentry target date
  • A list of all previously attended institutions before and after attending WGU
  • The circumstances that led to the withdrawal
  • Why the student believes the WGU model is appropriate in reaching their academic goals
  • How the student has prepared for return, both academically and otherwise
  • Why the student believes they will be able to meet academic progress requirements in their studies if readmitted

Additionally, the student seeking readmission to the Prelicensure BSRN Nursing Program must:

  • Be current on all program admission requirements (immunization records, required titer screenings, TB 2 step diagnostic, AHA CPR/BLS certification, evidence of Health Insurance, Part I: Healthcare Provider Physical Examination, Part II: Healthcare Provider Attestation of Performance Standards, Part III: Student Attestation of Performance Standards) prior to readmission, and
  • Complete and pass a drug screen and background check no earlier than three months prior to readmission application

The readmission form is received by the Admission department and forwarded to the appropriate state director of nursing. The readmission form and status of all admission requirements will be reviewed by the nursing admission committee for decision.  

Only students who appear to have potential for success in the WGU Prelicensure Nursing program are readmitted. Readmission is not automatic and could be denied for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to comply with the WGU Code of Student Conduct (opens new window)
  • Failure to meet academic progress requirements
  • Administratively withdrawn for non-payment, non-response, or inactivity
  • Multiple withdrawals, either administratively or by request

The following students are ineligible for readmission to the Prelicensure BSRN Nursing program:

  • Students who were academically dismissed after a failed final attempt on an objective assessment, a second clinical failure, and/or third lab failure.
  • Students who were dismissed from the program for academic or nursing dispositional conduct related issues.
  • Students with positive findings on the readmission drug screen or background check flags that prevent admission based on WGU policy.
  • Students who were not admitted due to non-completion of all courses in their BSPRN term OR noncompliance with ADB* requirements OR not meeting other admission requirements.
  • Students who are withdrawn for two years or greater.

Qualified applicants are readmitted on a space-available basis. In the event that the number of applicants exceeds available space, applicants with higher academic qualifications may be offered a position.



Article Number: 49100