WGU Prelicensure BSN State Transfer Policy

WGU Prelicensure BSN State Transfer Policy

WGU Prelicensure BSN students seeking transfer to a cohort offered in another state must request such transfer in writing with the State Director of Nursing in the receiving state.


Students seeking a transfer to the Prelicensure program in another state must first obtain approval from their current State Director of Nursing. Transfer is not automatic; reasons for denial include, but are not limited to:

  • WGU and/or College of Health Professions academic or nursing dispositional conduct related issues;
  • Failure to meet academic and/or clinical progress requirements;
  • Administratively withdrawn for non-payment, non-response or inactivity;
  • Multiple withdrawals, either administratively or by request;
  • Positive findings on the drug screen or background check flags that preclude placement in clinical facilities in that state [Note: repeat drug screen and criminal background check may be required];
  • Lack of available clinical space for realignment for an extended period (more than 6 months).

Qualified students will be accepted for state transfer on a space-available basis at the discretion and decision of the receiving State Director of Nursing.


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