WGU Prelicensure Nursing Inclement Weather/Local Emergency Policy

The WGU Prelicensure Nursing Program State Director of Nursing (SDON) takes into consideration local and regional adverse weather conditions and emergencies and decisions by local authorities and affiliating campuses when deciding whether to delay, dismiss or cancel a clinical lab or clinical intensive shifts. Adverse weather conditions are defined as: Existing or predicted temperatures and wind conditions; earthquakes; snow, ice or water accumulations; tornadic or severe thunderstorm activity, or tropical storm or hurricane activity that pose a severe health threat to students, faculty and staff.

When conditions warrant, a decision to delay, dismiss or cancel clinical lab or clinical intensive shifts will be communicated to affected faculty, staff and students as soon as possible. The SDON or designee will notify all affected students via WGU email. Students are accountable for checking their WGU email for notifications. 

Students are expected to use their best judgment if adverse conditions create extreme travel hazards when traveling to or from the lab or clinical site. They should not endanger themselves nor ignore the statements of local officials about traveling during adverse weather.  The student should:

  1. Take responsibility for situational awareness regarding current and predicted weather, especially with regard to appropriate clothing, vehicle safety supplies, vehicular travel conditions and expected extended travel times.
  2. Be familiar with the terminology used on weather bulletins broadcast on radio and television stations.
  3. If the student is unable to make it into the lab or clinical, make every effort to notify the State Director of Nursing and, if a clinical shift, the student’s coach and clinical instructor.

Makeup of the missed clinical shifts will be arranged by Health Scheduling.





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