Accelerated Courses 

Accelerating Courses

An accelerated course is one that is added to a term after the courses enrolled at the beginning of the term have been completed (see Term Registration and Enrollment (opens new window)). The following rules apply to accelerating courses: 

  • Students enrolled full-time at WGU who have met On-Time Progress (OTP) criteria (completed 12 CUs for undergraduate or 8 CUs for graduate) may add and begin another course in the current term. 
  • A student may accelerate a course only if they anticipate that they will be able to complete the course before the end of the term.  
  • Additional courses may be added to the term as each is completed, provided sufficient time remains in the term to complete each added course. 
  • In most cases, all currently enrolled courses, including any courses previously accelerated in the term, must be completed before adding courses to the term.  
  • By enrolling in and beginning the added course, the student is committing to engage in and attempt to finish the course in the current term. 
For information about incomplete course requests for accelerated courses, refer to Incomplete Course Policy (opens new window).
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