BAES/MAES Bachelor of Arts or Masters Degree in Education Studies

The BAES and MAES programs are non-licensure programs available to students who begin an initial licensure program at Western Governors University (WGU) and determine that they cannot or do not wish to pursue a teaching degree. These programs are not available to prospective students who are newly enrolling. WGU students who opt to change programs to pursue a non-preclinical experiences (non-PCE) BAES or (PCE or non-PCE) MAES and graduate are not eligible to return to WGU at a later date and reenroll in a bachelor's level or post-baccalaureate certificate, or Master of Arts in Teaching licensure program. By opting for the BAES (non-PCE) or MAES (PCE or non-PCE), students are making the choice not to pursue a teaching degree or certificate at WGU. These programs (non-PCE version) do not require basic skills because students do not go into the classroom.

Should a student be placed into the BAES or MAES, all missing content courses required in the Interdisciplinary Studies must be satisfied through either transfer credit or course completion. Be advised that completion of the Educational Theory, Reasoning and Problem Solving, and Integration courses are required to graduate from the BAES or MAES programs and no credit is awarded toward the same for demonstration teaching experience(s).

In rare instances a student may graduate with a BAES (preclinical experiences version and basic skills) and wish to come back and complete a Masters of Teaching degree. In those cases, the student must first appeal to attempt or repeat demonstration teaching through WGU’s Teacher Success team. The appeals process is explained the Field Experience Handbook for Initial Licensure Programs located in this student handbook. If the student has no outstanding reasons that they cannot re-enroll at the university and has received approval of their appeal to attempt or repeat demonstration teaching from Teacher Success, the student may enroll in a MAT program and complete demonstration teaching and other master's degree program requirements. Students who return to complete the MAT will be held to any and all new program admissions requirements, and may require repeating preclinical experiences.




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