Course Start Policy and Expectations



Course Start Policy

When a student enrolls in and starts a course (by clicking the Start Course button within the Course of Study), they are expected to complete the course within their current term. Any course(s) started but not completed during the term must be included in initial term registration for the subsequent term, with the expectation that the student will complete the course(s) first in that term. The student will continue to receive regular support from their Course Instructor(s) until they complete the course(s). 


A registered course that is not completed by the end of a term will receive a mark of Not Passed and will count against satisfactory academic progress, regardless of whether the course was started within the term. Visit Term Registration and Enrollment (opens new window) for more information.


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Course Access 

Before accepting registration for a course, a student can access the Course of Study in Preview mode. In Preview mode, the student can 

  • take the course planning assessment (available beginning in early 2020) 
  • take a preassessment (opens new window), for courses that have one 
  • view the course competencies and the course overview and Course Instructor group contact information

When a student accepted registration for a course, Preview mode will continue to be active until the student indicates that they are ready to start the course by clicking the Start Course button in the Course of Study.  


By clicking on the Start Course button, the student is committing to actively engage in and work consistently on the course until it is passed.  


After clicking the Start Course button, the student  

  • will be assigned to a Course Instructor, who will begin offering personalized support 
  • can access course Learning Resources 
  • can access the Course Community 
  • can take the objective assessment, if the course has one, as long as the student has taken the course preassessment 
  • can access task instructions, if the course has them 
  • can submit performance tasks, if the course has them 

If a student starts a course within a term but does not complete it within the same term, the course will be placed back into Preview mode when the term ends. To continue working in the course, the student must accept registration for the course in the next term and click the Start Course button to indicate that they are ready to continue with the course.


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Working with Faculty in Courses 

When a student is getting ready to start a new course, they will speak with their Program Mentor to discuss the student's prior experience with the course content and any other factors that might affect the student's progress through the course. The Program Mentor, Course Instructor, and student will collaborate to refine planned course start and end dates to reflect the student's personalized plan for success in the course. 


Course Instructors are experts in the course competencies and can help the student develop a plan for completing the course, understand challenging concepts, and prepare for success in assessments.  


The Course Instructor will provide personalized support as the student works through each course. Course Instructors will reach out to the student regularly, based on the student's engagement and progress through the course. Course Instructors will offer support to help the student progress through the course, re-engage with the course if they fall behind, develop competency, and prepare for assessments and, if necessary, assessment retakes. Course Instructors also offer one-to-many events to support the student in mastering course competencies. The student is also welcome to contact their Course Instructors to request support as needed throughout a course. 


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