Grading System

WGU Transcripts include five possible marks:

  • Pass: Certifies successful completion of a course of study. A student has demonstrated required competencies by passing the final assessment with a grade equivalent of B or better or 3.00 grade points on a 4.00 scale.
  • Not Passed: Indicates that a student failed to complete a course of study in the time allotted. To meet program requirements, the student generally re-enrolls for the course of study in a subsequent term.
  • Requirement Satisfied: Recognizes that a student has satisfied the requirements of a course of study through alternate coursework that may not be directly transferred.
  • Transfer: Signifies that a student has completed equivalent work at another regionally or nationally accredited institution.
  • Withdrawn*: Represents that the student was withdrawn from the University or course before term completion.

The University does not calculate a grade point average (GPA).

One competency unit is the equivalent of one semester credit of learning in traditional grading systems.

Grades are transcribed upon completion of a course of study.  A course(s) of study in progress will not appear on the transcript until the end of a term.

*Note: Students receive a grade of Pass, Not Passed, or Withdrawn on their permanent academic record and transcript for any course(s) of study for which they enroll in a term, regardless of whether they attempt an assessment.  An earned Pass or Not Passed is not replaced with a grade of Withdrawn. Grades of Not Passed and Withdrawn are counted as units not completed and, as such, are counted against satisfactory academic progress. See Satisfactory Academic Progress.


Article Number: 20435, 1024