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This article is intended to answer some of the most common graduation questions that students ask. Please review this information for answers you may be seeking and feel free to contact the graduation team at if you have additional questions not covered here.


Note: Questions related to commencement ceremonies should be directed to the Commencement Office. Information regarding commencement can be found on the WGU Alumni website. This site can also be used to order diploma frames and other WGU merchandise.



Applying for Graduation

Once all courses and any applicable exams have been posted as a pass to your student record, you will be recommended for graduation by your program mentor. This recommendation will direct you to a link to complete the graduation application and alumni exit survey. Once both of these items are fully completed your application will be submitted to the Student Records department for review.



Application Confirmation

Once your application has been marked as received by a graduation staff member, a notification is sent to confirm receipt. If you submit outside of business hours please be advised you may not receive this notice until the next business day. If you have not received confirmation that your application has been received after 72 hours, please contact your program mentor.



Checking on the Status of Your Application

Please contact your program mentor if you have any concerns or questions on the status of your application. You will receive an email with further instructions if any action is needed from you. If no action is needed, you will receive an email to notify you when your transcripts are available for ordering and your diploma is being prepared. The graduation team can be reached at if you need to update information submitted on your application such as diploma name or mailing address. Please note that we do not have the ability to change information submitted on the alumni exit survey. If you have feedback on the alumni exit survey or encounter errors please submit these inquiries to



Expediting an Application

Review and processing of the graduation application cannot be expedited, however, there are options for receiving your transcripts and diploma quicker. You may expedite shipping of your diploma via UPS for an additional cost. Tracking information will be provided when this method is purchased. Reference steps for ordering duplicate diplomas and expedited shipping below for more information.



Graduation Date

After students submit their graduation application, their record is reviewed to determine if all academic and financial obligations have been met. Once this information is verified, the Student Records department changes the student from active status to graduated status. The date this change is made becomes the student’s graduation date. If all requirements are met at the time the graduation application is received, the graduation date takes place within five business days of receipt of the application. Requests for specific graduation dates generally cannot be accommodated so please ensure you await official notification before notifying other parties of your graduation.



Graduation Holds

A hold may be placed on a student’s graduation for any of the following reasons:

  • Any outstanding coursework. All courses should be marked as passed on your degree plan prior to application submittal.
  • Any outstanding exams needed to meet teacher licensure graduation requirements; requirements can be reviewed at Teacher Licensure Home Page.
  • Any outstanding financial obligations to the University as permitted under applicable law.
  • Pending student conduct investigations.
  • Documentation to confirm a diploma name that differs from your student record.
  • International addresses must be confirmed by the student via email to ensure accurate formatting for the best chance at a successful delivery of your diploma.
  • Inactive status. You must be an active student for an application to be processed.
  • Students enrolled in nursing RN to MSN programs (bridge programs) must be enrolled in the graduate portion of the program before the master’s degree can be conferred. These applications will be held until the enrolled program reflects graduate level standing.



Complimentary Diploma and Transcripts

Your diploma will be mailed within ten business days of receipt of your application (barring any holds described above) to the mailing address on your graduation application by Scrip-Safe. You will receive an email with tracking from Scrip-Safe once your diploma has been mailed. Once your graduation application has been processed, you will receive a notification from WGU on how to order your two complimentary copies of your official transcripts. Transcripts will be ordered from the National Student Clearinghouse where you will have the option of electronic or mail delivery. Questions regarding placing a transcript order or checking the status of a submitted order should be directed to


Diploma Shipping

Your diploma will be mailed via USPS, unless you pay for expedited shipping. Expedited diplomas will be delivered via UPS. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery via USPS. If over two weeks has elapsed since the date you received notification of your diploma being mailed, please email for assistance.


WGU Diploma Size

WGU diplomas are printed on letter size paper, 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall for all programs.


Proof of Graduation for Third Parties

All students (except PB and END programs, see next section) who graduated on or after 1/14/19 will receive an electronic diploma in addition to a physical copy. This ediploma will be delivered via email from Scrip-Safe and can be shared with third parties to verify graduation. When ordering transcripts from the National Student Clearinghouse, you can choose electronic delivery directly to a third party. These options will allow quicker receipt of graduation documentation at no additional cost to you.



Post-baccalaureate and Endorsement Programs 

These programs (program codes that begin with PB or END) are intended for students to gain additional knowledge, endorsements, and/or certifications in their chosen field where a degree has already been conferred. This means completion of the program does not result in the conferral of a degree and due to this a diploma is not issued. If you are unsure if you are enrolled in one of these programs, please contact your program mentor. 


Students who graduate from one of these programs, on or after 4/18/19, will be issued a program completion certificate in the same formats as described earlier in this article for diplomas.


Portal Access after Graduation

You will retain access to your student portal and your student email account indefinitely; however, you will no longer have access to your degree plan or courses. Some resources may be available after graduation, visit Learning Resource Access After Graduation for more information. For more information about access to past course work refer to this FAQ regarding access to previous task submissions.


Ordering Additional Graduation Documents

Additional copies of your diploma may be purchased through your student portal. Orders are received each morning to the Records department for processing. See the Steps for ordering duplicate diplomas and expedited shipping below for more information. You may order additional copies of your official transcripts as well. Please visit WGU Transcript Requests for more information on transcript ordering.


Steps for Ordering Duplicate Diplomas and Expedited Shipping

  1. Go to the Student Support tab in the student portal and select Financial Services.
  2. In the Financial Services section, click on the Purchase Items link located in the Financial Toolbox on the right side of the page.
  3. Under My Items to Purchase (Please note you may need to click view all for these options to show.)
  4. Select Duplicate Diploma - WGU Graduate Only for ordering diploma copies.
  5. Select Rush Shipping Graduation Packet for expedited shipping. Expedited shipping is defined as the fastest delivery method covered by the $25 shipping fee. Please note, overnight shipping is not an available option. (Non-military foreign addresses cannot participate in Expedited shipping.)
  6. Review information and click add to payment cart when ready.
  7. Click checkout when you are ready to place your order.
  8. Enter method of payment.
  9. Enter shipping information.
  10. Review order details.
  11. Finalize order.




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