Institutional Withdrawal Refund Policy

Students with a withdrawal date up through the completion of 60% of a term are eligible for a refund of a prorated portion of tuition. Students with a withdrawal date occurring after 60% of the term is completed are not eligible for a refund. The admission application fee, resource fee and program specific fees are non-refundable.

Determining Withdrawal Dates

Withdrawal dates are determined in two ways, either through student-initiated withdrawal (official) or through WGU administrative withdrawal (unofficial). Student-initiated withdrawal occurs when the student notifies WGU of the intent to withdraw. Administrative withdrawal occurs when WGU determines that students are no longer enrolled based on a variety of reasons such as lack of academic activity, failure to establish enrollment at the beginning of a new term, or failure to pay tuition.

Student-initiated withdrawals:


The withdrawal date is the date the student notifies the University of the intent to withdraw. 



Administrative withdrawals:



The withdrawal date is the last date of student academic activity.


See Withdrawal, Student Initiated and Withdrawal, Administrative.

Calculating the Refund

Students who withdraw before completing 60% of a term (the number of calendar days from the official term start date to the withdrawal date, divided by the total number of calendar days in the term), are eligible for a prorated refund of tuition. The amount of the tuition refund is calculated by multiplying tuition billed for the term (less any tuition discounts) by the percentage of the term the student was not enrolled, and subtracting the amount of tuition already paid. For example, a student who withdraws halfway (50%) through a term and has paid $2000 of a $3000 total tuition charge would be entitled to a refund of $500 (($3000 * 50%) - $2000 = $500)).  


Note: The resource fee and other program specific fees are non-refundable.


Once eligibility for a refund is calculated, the Student Accounts Office processes tuition charges and refunds within 30 days, as applicable. In the case of financial aid recipients, WGU is required to return unearned financial aid to the appropriate grant or loan program based on the Return of Title IV Financial Aid funds calculation, and as a result of this calculation, students may owe WGU a portion of tuition and fees that are not covered. Funds reimbursed to the student are reimbursed via the original payment method; i.e., tuition paid by check is refunded by check, and tuition paid by credit card is refunded by credit card (less non refundable convenience fee).


All funding sources including scholarships, both internal and external, waivers, discounts and grants will be reviewed and may be subject to a proration calculation. In the case of third party funds, i.e., employer contributions, government funding, military payments, etc., if the payment exceeds tuition and fees, WGU will follow any instructions provided by the original payer for the appropriate handling of the refund. If no instructions are provided, the refund will be processed to the original payer. Students are responsible for any portion of the tuition and fees owed, after refunds to all payers.


Note: For Missouri residents, the Resource Fee is billed at the beginning of each term and is refundable if the student terminates enrollment within three business days of the start of the term. After three business days, these fees are non-refundable.

Missouri and Florida residents, see Tuition Payment and Financial Policies for questions regarding the application fee.


Tuition Appeal

In the case of exceptional circumstances where students are not entitled to a refund under the policies outlined above, students may make an appeal for tuition considerations by submitting a written explanation of circumstances that warrant an exception to the published refund policy. Exceptional circumstances might include incapacitating illness or injury. Supporting documentation to verify exceptional circumstances is required. Disciplinary action imposed on a student due to violations of the Code of Student Conduct is not considered valid grounds for tuition appeal. Send all appeals to Student Services.



Article Number: 20428, 1061