Military Mobilization

Reservists or active duty military students or their spouses who must withdraw due to documented deployment, military training, or relocation will be readmitted to WGU in the same Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status as the term from which they were required to withdraw. Students must contact their program mentor to initiate the official withdrawal process.


Because accessibility to resources necessary to remain actively engaged may be limited, the Military Support Department at WGU strongly advises students to withdraw rather than attempt to continue after the receipt of military orders that will impact their ability to continue progressing in their term.


A proration of tuition charges following WGU’s Withdrawal Refund Policy will take place for a term from which a student must withdraw due to mobilization. The date students notify their program mentor of intent to withdraw is the date used to process financial aid and tuition refunds. Unused funds will reimburse to the appropriate financial aid institution or lender, third-party payer, or military entity. Funds reimburse to a student via their original payment method: i.e., tuition paid by check refunds by check, and tuition paid by a card refunds to that card. In the event there is a tuition balance remaining on the account after adjusting the term, a credit will apply to bring the account to zero.


In the case of Military Tuition Assistance (TA), funds WGU received for courses not completed during the term will be prorated, and each course will be updated in the appropriate military portal to a ‘W’ - Withdrawal with Cost status. The student is responsible to complete a waiver request through their specific military branch portal, or their Education Office, to classify the ‘W’ grade for each course as a Withdrawal for Military Reasons and due to events beyond their control preventing successful completion of the class. Once approved the student should not be recouped, and any remaining funds for the enrollment of this military withdrawal will be returned to their fiscal year tuition ceiling.


Students cannot receive military withdrawals for terms already completed. To classify your withdrawal as due to military obligations, students must send a copy of their deployment orders or other military documentation to the Military Support team at va@wgu.eduor fax to 801.880.9401 Attn: Military Support



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