Posthumous Degrees

In the event of death of a student, the University may award a posthumous diploma for the degree sought by the decedent. When considering the award of a posthumous degree, the University stipulates the following:


  • The request for a posthumous degree shall be made by the immediate family, surviving spouse or significant other.
  • The student must have been near degree program completion; usually, within the final term.
  • The requestor shall provide a copy of the death certificate and proof of relationship to the decedent.
  • If awarded, the diploma shall be provided to the requesting party only.
  • If awarded, the diploma shall bear the special notation of "Degree Conferred Posthumously."
  • If awarded and upon request, the student's name and posthumous designation shall be added to the graduation list and commencement program.
  • If awarded, the degree will be posted to the student's permanent record with the special notation of "Degree Conferred Posthumously."

Requests or inquiries regarding the possibility of a posthumous degree should be made to the University Registrar. Requests will be evaluated by the Provost and the Registrar. If the posthumous degree request is approved or not approved, the Registrar will notify the requesting party accordingly.



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