WGU Term Break Information

1. Term break starts: Determine your best option!


  • To be eligible for a term break, students must complete the minimum required CUs in the prior term (3 CUs for undergraduate students, 2 Cus for graduate students) or be approved for an additional term through Student Records.
  • To request a term break students must submit the Term Break Information Request form located in the Student Services section on the Student Support tab of the student portal.
  • A term break can begin only on the first of a month after the end of the prior term.
  • A term break can be requested for one to three months. Counsel for a one-month term break must be completed by the ninth of the first month of the break. Two and three month breaks must be requested by the twentieth of the first month of the break.
  • Students must complete term break counseling to have their term break submitted.
  • If financial aid eligible, be sure to complete financial aid paperwork early in the term break.
  • If students have enrolled in the current term and/or submitted work through Taskstream or their course, they can take a term break only after the current term ends.

2. During term breaks: Stay in touch!


  • Students should check their WGU email regularly.
  • Students' degree plan assessments and corresponding resources (Taskstream, Courses of Study, Communities, and online learning resources) are not available to them throughout term break.
  • Students need to visit the Financial Services section on the Student Support tab of the student portal, or contact Financial Services office with questions about their financial aid for the new term after term break.
  • Students need to contact the Financial Services office to discuss and make payment arrangements on past due or upcoming charges.

3. Approach of term break end: Let us know your plans!


  • Students confirm their intent to return at the end of term break by email or by calling the Term Break office (877.435.7948 ext. 3121, Monday-Friday 7 am to 5 pm MT). Term break counselors must receive student confirmation of return to begin the return process.
  • The finance department must approve returning students before their new term begins. Students will receive notice of approval to return:
    • If self-paying, students should contact our Financial Services team to discuss payment arrangements and paperwork, if necessary. Payment can be made through the student portal.
    • If financial aid eligible, in the Financial Services section on the Student Support tab on student portal, students should check the status of required financial aid paperwork, which must be current and complete before starting a new term.
    • When financial aid appeals are submitted, the Financial Services office approves returns as noted above, based on the appeal decision.
    • Any prior term balances must be paid in full prior to returning from term break.
  • Students get in touch with their program mentor to set up an appointment to complete term enrollment for the new term.
  • If students need more than a three-month break, they are to contact a Term Break counselor to discuss withdrawal and plans to appeal re-entry. See Readmission Following Withdrawal or visit www.wgu.edu/restart for guidelines.
  • If the degree plan is not available and a student's term break has ended, they are to check their WGU email for messages regarding their return and contact the Term Break office (877.435.7948 ext. 3121, Monday - Friday 7 am to 5 pm, MT).




Article Number: 20451, 2102