Withdrawal, Administrative, 45 Day Critical Action

Students in the first term of their program, are required to complete a set of Critical Actions (opens new window) within 45 days of the start of the term or they will be administratively withdrawn from the University. 


Students withdrawn under this policy may appeal by completing this form (opens new window) within 48 hours of receiving notification that withdrawal processing has begun. Appeals may be requested for the following reasons: 


  • A scheduled critical action that was postponed or canceled due to a WGU outage or interruption. 
  • An extenuating and unavoidable circumstance that prevented the student from completing a critical action.

Appeal decisions will be sent in writing.


Students who have their appeal denied may still seek enrollment at WGU after the scheduled date of completion of the term from which the student withdrew. Students seeking to continue at WGU will be required to reapply for admission, and are encouraged to contact their enrollment counselor or call 866.225.5948 for more information. 



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