Withdrawal, Administrative

Students may be administratively withdrawn (unofficial withdrawal) from the University and assigned an “inactive” status for a variety of reasons. These reasons include:


  • Not remaining in contact with their program mentor as described in the communication protocol
  • Failing to complete registration and enrollment at the beginning of the new term. 
  • Not paying tuition.
  • Not meeting WGU Academic Progress.
  • Not completing the term break approval process.
  • Failing to reenroll at the end of an approved term break.
  • Violating the code of student conduct.
  • Student becomes incarcerated in a state or federal penal institution.

Effective Withdrawal Date

Effective withdrawal date is the date the withdrawal is considered effective. This date is determined by the last date of the student’s academic activity within an enrolled term, not the date of withdrawal processing. See Last Date of Academic Activity (LDA).

Rescinding a Withdrawal

Students who are administratively withdrawn may appeal to be reinstated within 30 days of the Effective Withdrawal Date. A withdrawal will not be considered for rescission if more than 30 days has passed since the Effective Withdrawal Date. The Student Records Department is the sole approving authority for granting or denying rescission appeals. Students who wish to appeal for rescission must meet the following requirements:


  • Submit a written appeal detailing intent to remain academically enrolled through the end of their term and how withdrawal reason has been resolved to records@wgu.edu.
  • Meet all financial obligations and be cleared by the student accounts office.

Note: Students who are academically approved for rescission must still complete any financial clearance requirements prior to being returned to an active status. Students notified of requirements to become financially cleared must meet requirements within 5 business days from date of notification or academic approval will be revoked and withdrawal will remain in effect.


Article Number: 20452, 1037


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