Withdrawal, Student Initiated

To officially withdraw from the University students contact their program mentor who initiates the withdrawal process with the program faculty manager. The date students notify their program mentor of intent to withdraw is the date used to process financial aid and tuition refunds. Students who become inactive, do not complete registration and enrollment at the beginning of a new term, or do not meet their tuition obligations are administratively withdrawn from the University. See Withdrawal, Administrative (opens new window).


Effective Withdrawal Date

The withdrawal date is the date the student notifies the University of their intent to withdraw. The recommended method for notifying intent to withdraw to ensure accurate effective withdrawal date is to email the program mentor with a clear statement that withdrawal should be initiated.



Rescinding a Withdrawal

Students who provide notification of the intent to withdraw may rescind the official notification within thirty days. To have the withdrawal considered for rescission, students must contact Student Records at records@wgu.edu to rescind their withdrawal by submitting a written statement of intent to remain academically enrolled through the end of their term. To be considered, students must have met all financial obligations.





Article Number: 20447, 1039