California Nursing Facility Emergency, Evacuation and Safety Procedures


Emergency and Safety Procedures for California Facility (2900 South Harbor Blvd, Suite 201 Santa Ana, CA)

Western Governors University (WGU) is committed to providing a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff. In addition to the information found in this article, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their conduct and safety. Faculty and staff are reminded to review the Employee Handbook for additional policies concerning behavior and students can find the Student Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook. In addition, students, faculty and staff must abide by classroom and building procedures for the WGU California office property discussed during employee orientation, regular staff updates, and student orientation to the building. The cooperation and involvement of everyone in campus safety is essential to minimize criminal activity. 


Security and Law Enforcement Information for employees and students visiting the WGU office in Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana Police Department

  • Emergency: Call 911
  • Non-Emergency: 714.245.8665

Orange County Fire Authority 

  • Emergency: Call 911
  • Non-Emergency: 714.573.6000

If you have an EMERGENCY requiring police, fire, or ambulance, call 911 without delay. 

When you call 911 for emergency services, stay on the line and give the following information:

  • Your name, telephone number, and exact location. (2900 South Harbor Blvd, Suite 201)
  • The location of the emergency.
  • The nature and extent of the emergency (e.g. are there injuries and how many?)


WGU Office Emergency Notifications

The Santa Ana Police Department has the primary responsibility of responding to, and summoning necessary resources to mitigate, investigate, and document emergencies in the office. In addition, the Santa Ana Police Department has the responsibility to determine if the situation does, in fact, pose a threat to the community.


Monitoring Student Criminal Activity Off Campus

WGU is primarily an online institution with limited use of physical facilities by students and no housing facilities. The university’s student population is primarily working adults. Therefore, it does not monitor student off-campus criminal activity.



For office employees and students scheduled to visit WGU offices, the university will post updates during a significant emergency or dangerous situation on the employee portal, student portal, or via email. 
Upon confirmation of an immediate threat to the safety or health of the office community, the CA State Director of Nursing will communicate the threat without delay and taking into account the safety of the community, using some or all of the systems described above, unless issuing a notification will, in the judgment of the first responders (including, but not limited to, the Santa Ana Police Department, the Orange County Fire Authority, and Emergency Medical Services), compromise the efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency.


Timely Warning of Violent Crimes and Threats of Violence

The CA State Director of Nursing (see Reporting Criminal Activities) will issue timely warning notices for the university community to notify members of the community about violent crimes or threats of violence, where it is determined the incident may pose an ongoing threat to members of the WGU community. These warnings will be issued if the incident is reported by the State Director to the Santa Ana Police Department.



Procedures for Reporting Emergencies

All emergencies including violent crimes in progress, fire and medical emergencies should be immediately reported to 911 in and out of the office.

Emergency callers should be prepared with the following information:

  • Name
  • Exact location of the incident
  • Description of the scene
  • Description of any suspects
  • Description and license numbers of any involved vehicles


After dialing 911, all employees of Western Governors University should also immediately notify the WGU reporting contact of any situation or incident that involves a significant emergency or dangerous situation that may involve an immediate or on-going threat to the health and safety of the university community.


Reporting Threats of Violence 

University employees should notify the State Director of Nursing and the Human Resources Department, on an emergency basis, of all threats of violence made by anyone against university employees, students or university property.


Reporting Non-violent Crime

University employees should report information or suspicions of non-violent crime to the State Director of Nursing as soon as possible.


Building Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are in place to notify building occupants of possible fire dangers in the building. If you hear the fire alarm, evacuate immediately in accordance with procedures posted in the building.


Emergency and Evacuation Test

A test of the emergency response and evacuation procedure is conducted annually. The 2019 test occurred on July 23rd.


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