Reporting Criminal Activities


Reporting Criminal Activity

Students, faculty, and staff of Western Governors University (WGU) are strongly encouraged to report any criminal activity that occurs within the university community to local law enforcement. Western Governors University (WGU) does not employ a campus police force; therefore, all criminal activity should be reported to the local authorities in a timely manner. In addition to contacting law enforcement, contact the WGU reporting contact for the appropriate office if you see unsafe conditions at a university location.

Crime Reporting Confidentiality

WGU does not currently have a policy for reporting crimes anonymously or confidentially except in the case of discrimination, harassment or sexual violence (see Discrimination Grievance Procedures). WGU does not report personally identifiable information in the annual crime statistics.

How to Report an Emergency Situation

In emergency situations, immediately dial 9-1-1 to alert authorities. Be prepared to provide the following information to emergency responders:
  • Name, telephone number, and exact location of the emergency
  • The nature and extent of the emergency


How to Report a Non-emergency Situation

In non-emergency situations, immediately report criminal offenses to the appropriate local authority, and to the appropriate WGU location contact.  Non-emergency contact information for WGU locations is as follows.

Western Governors University, Utah

  • Unified PD of Greater Salt Lake Non-emergency: 801.743.7000
  • Unified Fire Authority Non-emergency: 801.743.7200
  • Salt Lake City Office Address: 4001 South 700 East, Suite 700; Salt Lake City, UT 84107


WGU Indiana 

  • Indianapolis PD Non-emergency: 317.327.3811
  • Indianapolis FD Non-emergency: 317.327.6041
  • Indianapolis Office Address: 333 N. Alabama Street, Suite 250; Indianapolis, IN 46204


WGU Washington 

  • Kent PD Non-emergency: 253.852.2121
  • Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority Non-emergency: 253.856.4300
  • Kent Office Address: 20435 72nd Ave. South, Suite 301; Kent, WA 98032


WGU Texas

  • Austin PD Non-emergency: 311 or 512.974.2000
  • Austin FD Non-emergency: 311 or 512.974.0130
  • Austin Office Address: 12515 Research Boulevard, Building 8, Suite 250; Austin, TX 78759


WGU Missouri

  • Clayton PD Non-emergency: 314.645.3000
  • Clayton FD Non-emergency: 314.727.8100
  • St. Louis Office Address: 8000 Maryland Ave, Suite 410; St. Louis, MO 63105


WGU Tennessee

  • Franklin PD Non-emergency: 615.794.2513
  • Franklin FD Non-emergency: 615.794.3411
  • Franklin Office Address: 501 Corporate Centre Dr., Suite 390; Franklin, TN 37067


WGU Nevada

  • Las Vegas PD Non-emergency: 311 or 702.828.3111
  • Clark County FD Non-emergency: 311 or 702.455.7311
  • Las Vegas Office Address: 6795 South Edmond Street, Third Floor; Las Vegas, NV 89118

WGU North Carolina

  • Durham PD Non-emergency: 919.560.4600
  • Durham FD Non-emergency: 919.560.4242
  • Durham Office Address: 1009 Slater Road, Suite 310; Durham, NC 27703


WGU Ohio

  • Columbus PD Non-emergency: 614.645.4545
  • Columbus FD Non-emergency: 614.221.3132
  • Columbus Office Address: 325 John H. McConnell Blvd., Suite 375; Columbus, OH 43215

Arizona Administrative Office

  • Phoenix PD Non-emergency: 602.262.6151
  • Phoenix FD Non-emergency: 602.495.5555
  • Phoenix Office Address: 432 N. 44th St, Suite 400; Phoenix, AZ 85008


California Nursing Facility

  • Santa Ana PD Non-emergency: 714.245.8665
  • Orange County Fire Authority Non-emergency: 714.573.6000
  • California facility address: 2900 South Harbor Blvd, Suite 201; Santa Ana, CA 92704


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WGU Reporting Contact Information


WGU Main Contact

Isaac Gallegos, Manager Site Technology & Security: 385.428.9975


Salt Lake City, UT Office

Johanna Barraco, Director People & Talent: 385.428.9528

Indianapolis, IN Office 

Lindsay de las Alas, Office Manager: 385.428.9977

Kent, WA Office

Melissa Parker, Office Manager: 206.673.8556

Austin, TX Office

Nancy Fitzgerald, Office Manager: 385.428.6634

St. Louis, MO Office

Stephanie Parrish, Office Manager: 385.428.2302

Franklin, TN Office

Martha Malloch, Office Manager: 615.472.6057

Las Vegas, NV Office

Carolee Rau, Office Manager: 385.428.6731

Durham, NC Office

Chelsea Williams, Office Manager: 385.429.8997

Columbus, OH Office

Grace Brown, Office Manager: 614.362.9659

Phoenix, AZ Office

Suzie Grim, Administrative Coordinator: 385.428.6835

Santa Ana, CA Facility

Priscilla Greco, Assistant State Nursing Director: 385.428.3836

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