Student Complaint Policy

Students who believe they have been treated unfairly by WGU, either through the action of individuals or the application of existing policy, may have their complaint(s) addressed through the procedures described in this policy. Students who are unclear about appropriate procedures may contact Student Services for guidance.


Informal Complaints: An informal complaint can arise from any student dissatisfaction. With some exceptions, WGU encourages students to handle complaints as close to the source as possible by discussing issues with the relevant WGU department, staff member, or supervisor. This practice allows issues to be resolved quicker by individuals with required expertise. The following procedures accordingly are established to promote direct interaction with responsible University departments and staff:

  1. Performance Assessment Appeals: If a concern arises about a performance assessment that requires revision, students should fill out the help request form within their assessment evaluation or email When the concern is received, a representative will reach out to the student to discuss the concern. At the student’s request, an Assessment Services representative will assist the student in submitting a challenge to the evaluation. Students may also work with their program mentor or course instructor to prepare reasoning for the challenge, then submit it to


    The following information will be critical to address student concerns regarding performance assessment appeals:

      • Course number (or code) and task number.

      • Task instruction(s) in question.

      • Pertinent rubric descriptions.

      • Score(s) student received on the aspect(s), along with any comments given.

      • What the student believes should have happened.

      • Quotations with appropriate citation to the course text or other credible source supporting student's assertions.  


    Once received, a student’s challenge is acknowledged and assigned to an evaluation supervisor within 24 hours. The evaluation supervisor will investigate the concern and will respond to Assessment Services.   Assessment Services will notify the student of the results and, if applicable, the faculty member who initiated the appeal, usually within 24 hours but it may take up to 72 hours for review depending on the complexity of the evaluation.


  2. Objective Assessment Scheduling and Retakes: For complaints about assessment scheduling or the assessment retake policy, students should first work with their program mentor. If their mentor cannot resolve the issue, students should submit the complaint in writing to the Assessment Services team.


  3. Objective Assessment Scoring: For complaints about the scoring of objective assessments, students should discuss the details of their scoring complaint with a course instructor. The course instructor will determine if the complaint should be escalated to the assessment department. Score reviews may be considered in instances where there are technical inaccuracies or system issues during the assessment administration. Score reviews are not granted on the sole basis of a score being close to passing, or dissatisfaction with a score result. If a student thinks they may be eligible for a score review, the student should first confer with their course instructor. 


  4. Satisfactory academic progress (SAP), term breaks, transcripts and academic history: Students are expected to contact the program mentor within 10 working days of the situation the student wishes to have addressed.


Formal Complaints: If a student is unsure how to approach a concern or an earlier complaint cannot be resolved informally, the student may initiate a formal complaint by sending a written explanation of the concern to WGU Student Services. This written complaint must describe who has been involved, the status of the concern, and steps taken to resolve the concern informally. 


WGU Student Services will work to swiftly resolve each complaint and in every case, will respond within ten business days. If Student Services is not able to resolve the concern to a student's satisfaction, within five business days the student may appeal the decision by submitting a brief, written summary of the concern to WGU’s Vice President, Student Experience. The decision of the Vice President of Student Experience shall be final.


Discrimination and Harassment


If a complaint involves any type of alleged discrimination or harassment in violation of the WGU Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Stalking and Retaliation Policy or the student wishes to remain anonymous, the student may immediately make a formal complaint to the Title IX coordinator per the process outlined in the WGU discrimination grievance procedures.


Contact information for the Title IX coordinator is:


Dr. Lucas Kavlie - Title IX Coordinator

Western Governors University

4001 South 700 East, Suite 700

Salt Lake City, UT 84107-2533

Direct: (385)428-8783

Toll Free: (877)435-7948 x8783


Consumer Complaint Process


In the event that students believe that their issue with the University cannot be resolved through the grievance and complaint processes noted above, students have the right to contact our accrediting agencies and/or various state agencies. See the Consumer Complaint Process article for details regarding this process.
Article Number: 20494, 1041