Opportunities for Student Input and Feedback

WGU values, and actively seeks, the opinions of its students about their educational experience. To facilitate the ability of students to make their opinions known, WGU provides four structured ways to contribute their suggestions or voice issues and concerns: 

  • WGU encourages students to communicate with their mentors. The organization of our academic programs facilitates close and frequent communication between students and mentors. A communication protocol (opens new window) exists for this practice with the intent that students form productive, trusting and professional relationships with their mentors. Through these regular conversations, students may make suggestions regarding the educational experience at WGU.  Mentors report student input to academic leadership and the Student Services team. 
  • WGU has a Student Services (opens new window) team dedicated exclusively to helping students achieve their academic goals. The Student Services team helps students resolve issues, listens to student issues and concerns, and makes recommendations for improving policy and practice based on student feedback. The Student Services team provides a formal means by which students can express their views, and those views in turn inform the decisions we make. 
  • WGU conducts an extensive student satisfaction survey at the end of every term. This survey is used to gather data from students about every aspect of the WGU experience. In addition to the ratings students provide on the survey, they are encouraged to provide written comments. All information provided via the survey is confidential. The data from this survey, comments and student conversations with staff are closely analyzed and used to improve student services and academic programs in every way possible.  
  • WGU periodically convenes student focus groups to review and comment on planned changes and current practices. Students who participate in these ad hoc groups are recommended by their mentors or the Student Services team. The views students express in these groups impact the decisions we make.
  • In each Course of Study (COS), there is a link (titled "Course Feedback") present to allow students to leave feedback regarding a course. This feedback is read and sent to the appropriate department to be analyzed and incorporated, where appropriate, into course updates and changes. Positive feedback can be left in the same manner.

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