Placement File Service for Education

A placement file is used to apply for employment with a school district and typically contain a resume, letters of reference, evaluations, and a teaching license. Most school districts no longer require university placement files and have an online application process in place which allows applicants to upload their own files. If your school district allows the direct upload of files, the placement file request will not be fulfilled.


In order to request a placement file for a school district that only accepts an application submitted directly from WGU, send an email to from your student email address with "Placement File" in the subject line. The email should contain a link to the school district's website and indicate if the file should be mailed or emailed and the corresponding contact information such as the name of the HR representative, department, email address, and/or mailing address. Please attach all documents that are required for the placement file. If the school district’s site does not specifically state which documents are required, the standardized placement file will be used. The standardized placement file contains a resume, letters of reference, teaching license and evaluations. Evaluations are provided by WGU. You may include any additional documents necessary for application.


The Student Records department will review the request and the school district’s website for a list of required placement file documents. All communication regarding the placement file process will be handled through your WGU email account, including requests for additional documents or any status updates.


Article Number: 20467, 1177