AK Adding an Endorsement to a Teaching Certificate

Adding an Endorsement to an Alaska Teaching Certificate



The information in this article applies to students enrolled in specific WGU programs. General information for adding endorsements in subject areas that are not offered at WGU can be found at http://www.eed.state.ak.us/TeacherCertification/.


WGU Program

How to Add an Additional Endorsement

MA Mathematics Education (MAME)




MA Science Education (MASE)

A) Adding an Endorsement at the Same Grade Level (Secondary > Secondary)

If you wish to add a math or science endorsement at the same grade level as your initial license, choose one of the following three options (refer to the Additional Endorsement Application):

1. Completing an approved endorsement preparation program in that content area.
2. Submitting official transcripts documenting a major or minor in that content area.
3. Having two years of teaching experience in the content area of the endorsement sought and passing scores on the required content exam.

B) Adding an Endorsement at a New Grade Level (Elementary > Secondary)

If you wish to add an endorsement at a New Grade Level (such as an Elementary educator wishing to obtain a Secondary license), you must complete a state-approved teacher preparation program. Completion WGU’s endorsement programs (MAME or MASE) will qualify you to add a license through this pathway. See the application instructions below.

MS Special Education (MSSP)



English Language Learning (ENDELL, MAELL) 

To add Special Education or English as a Second Language certification to your existing Alaska certificate, you must complete a state-approved teacher preparation program. Completion of any of WGU's Masters-level endorsement programs (such as MSSP, ENDELL, or MAELL) would qualify you to be recommended to receive that endorsement as an addition to your 5-year AK certificate. See the application instructions below.


Follow these steps to apply for an endorsement upon completion of the teacher preparation portion of your WGU Masters-level endorsement program:

Step 1: If the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development is not listed as a recipient on your Praxis score report, you will need to contact ETS and request that they mail an official score report directly to AK EED.  You may do this by calling 1-800-772-9476 or by submitting the Additional Score Report Request Form to ETS via fax or mail.   

Step 2: Download the Additional Endorsement Application form and complete it, following the included instructions.

Step 3: Fill out the Applicant Information section at the top of pages 7 and 8 and send them to the WGU Certification Officer, who will complete them and return them to you in a sealed envelope for inclusion in your application packet.   


E-mail: licensure@wgu.edu
Fax: 801-401-7961


Teachers College Certification Officer
Western Governors University
4001 South 700 East, Suite 700
Salt Lake City, UT 84107


Step 4: Compile your application packet:


  1. Official WGU transcript (two will be sent to you at the completion of your program)
  2. Application form
  3. Institutional Recommendation form
  4. Payment of Fee

Step 5: Send your complete application packet to:


Department of Education and Early Development
Teacher Education and Certification
801 West 10th Street, Suite 200
PO Box 110500
Juneau, AK 99811-0500






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