AK Certification Requirements and Available Licenses

Alaska Certification Requirements and Available Licenses

Note: While we do our best to give you accurate and up to date information about your state requirements, we are not infallible. State requirements change frequently. It is your responsibility, and in your best interest, to double check certification and licensure requirements with your state’s Department of Education.

Alaska Certificates Available Through WGU Teacher Preparation Programs


Early Childhood, PreK-Grade 3

Elementary Education, Grades K-8

Special Education, Grades K-12

Mathematics, Grades 6-8

Middle Level Science, Grades 6-8

Social Studies, Grades 6-12

Mathematics, Grades 6-12

Biology, Grades 6-12

Chemistry, Grades 6-12

Earth Science, Grades 6-12

Physics, Grades 6-12

English, Grades 6-12

English as a Second Language Grades K-12

School Principal Grades K-12



Alaska has the following requirements for all applicants for initial teacher certification:

1. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Graduation from a Bachelor's degree program at a regionally accredited university.

2. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Completion of a state-approved teacher preparation program.

3. BACKGROUND CLEARANCE: Background clearance resulting from completion of the required background check.

4. EXAM REQUIREMENTS: Passing all of the required Praxis content exams and an approved basic skills exam.


5. DEMONSTRATION TEACHING REQUIREMENT: Alaska requires the completion of 15 weeks of Demonstration Teaching (student teaching).


6. ALASKA'S MANDATORY TRAININGS:  In order to qualify for an Alaska certificate issued on or after June 30, 2017, you must have completed four mandatory trainings within the five years prior to the date of your application. The four trainings are:


  • Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Alcohol or Drug Related Disabilities
  • Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention


7. ALASKA STUDIES AND MULTICULTURAL STUDIES: Alaska requires two, three credit courses for extension of a Two Year initial license or transition to Professional Certification: Alaska Studies and Multicultural Studies/Cross-Cultural Communication. These requirements must be met at an Alaska institution within the first two years that you hold your initial certification. For more information on courses approved by the Alaska Department of Education to fulfill this requirement, click here and here. These courses are not offered at WGU.


For further details on Alaska teacher certification requirements, please see http://www.eed.state.ak.us/TeacherCertification/Certification.html.

Student Teaching Permit Required: Prior to Demonstration Teaching, you must apply to be a student teacher. See the Alaska Student Teaching Form instructions in this handbook for more information.





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