AR Educational Leadership Certification Requirements

Arkansas Educational Leadership Certification Requirements

Note: Initial Out-of-State License Required: A graduate of a WGU Educational Leadership program who wants to be certified as a Building Level Administrator in Arkansas must first apply for and receive a Residency Administrator certificate in Washington. WGU's Educational Leadership program is state approved in Washington.

In Arkansas, this program leads to a certification in Building-Level Administrator (P-12).

Arkansas has the following requirements for applicants seeking an initial Building Level Administrator license who completed an out-of-state program.

1. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a Master's or higher degree from a regionally and/or NCATE accredited university.

2. EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT: Possession of a Standard Arkansas Teaching License and a minimum of four years teaching experience. At least three of the four years of teaching experience must be at the level (elementary or secondary) for which the candidate is seeking licensure.

3. PROGRAM REQUIREMENT: Completion of a school administration program at a regionally and/or NCATE accredited university, including a practicum.

4. PROGRAM COMPLETION VERIFICATION: Verification of program completion from the chair of the education leadership program that the administrator candidate completed .

5. OUT-OF STATE LICENSE: Possession of a comparable administrator certificate from another state. WGU graduates should obtain their comparable administrator certificate from Washington. In order to be eligible for a Washington Residency Administrator certificate, you must have a cleared, valid Washington fingerprint background check. Information on completing a Washington fingerprint background check is available here.

6. PRACTICUM REQUIREMENT: WGU requires Educational Leadership candidates to complete a practicum in accordance with the hour requirements listed here.

7. EXAM REQUIREMENT: Complete the following two exams:


 1. Arkansas Required Exam: SLS 6011: School Leaders License Assessment.

Note: Beginning 9/1/2019, Arkansas will require the SLS 6990: School Leaders License Assessment.

2. WGU Program Requirement:  Beginning 9/1/2018, the WGU program requirement is the Praxis 5412: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision for students in Arkansas. If passed prior to 8/31/2018, the Praxis 5411: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision satisfies the WGU Program Requirement.


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