CA Foundational Mathematics (Middle Grades) Credential and Exam Requirements - Approved

California Foundational Mathematics (Middle Grades) Credential and Exam Requirements - Approved Pathway


Middle Grades Mathematics Certification Available: Preliminary Single Subject Foundational Mathematics and an English Learner Authorization (ELA). 


Graduates of a WGU mathematics (middle grades) teacher preparation program will be eligible for a preliminary Single Subject Foundational Mathematics teaching credential in California, which will allow them to teach in any general math, consumer math, algebra, geometry, or probability and statistics classroom in a departmentalized setting.


Required Exams for Licensure
1. Content Exam

CSET Single Subject Mathematics subtests 211 and 212

Or CSET Single Subject Mathematics subtests 110 and 111, if passed by 12/29/14. It is also permissible to mix old/new subtests if both of the older subtests were not passed, but one of them was passed by 12/29/14. For example, you can pass the 110 and 212 subtests or 211 and 111 to meet licensing requirements.

2. WGU Graduation Requirement Exam Praxis 5169, Middle School Mathematics


All CSET exams must be passed prior to demonstration teaching, and passing scores for all required CSET exams must be posted to your degree plan before you are allowed to begin demonstration teaching. More information is found here. In addition, all CSET exams must be less than 10 years old at the time of credential application.

Visit these links for important information:

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Article Number: 19411,1953