CA MS Special Education Credential and Exam Requirements - Reciprocity Pathway

Note: Students in California are required to first obtain certification in Utah prior to applying for a Level 1 Education Specialist Instruction Credential: Mild/Moderate Disabilities K-12 Credential in California:

(1)  Complete a USBE background clearance

Note: This process may take 12-16 weeks. Students are encouraged to apply for their USBE background clearance early in their programs.
(2) Email to request to be recommended for your Utah teaching license after completing your WGU endorsement program.

(3) Follow the application instructions here to add your endorsement in California.


In California, this program leads to a Level 1 Education Specialist Instruction Credential: Mild/Moderate Disabilities K-12 Credential. Information on what areas and in what settings this credential authorizes one to teach is available in CL-808.

The WGU MSSP program does not lead to an ASD Authorization Standard 1: Characteristics of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder AASE (Added Authorization-Autism Spectrum Disorder) in California. This is a separate authorization. If you choose to add the AASE to your California license, you will need to complete the requirements for this authorization outside of the WGU MSSP program.

Special Education Exam Requirements for Licensure in Utah: 

Praxis 5543, Special Education: Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications 

This exam also satisfies WGU Program Requirement for students who matriculated on or after 9/1/11.

OR if passed prior to 9/1/2010, Praxis 5542, Education of Exceptional Students: Mild to Moderate Disabilities.




 Praxis 5354 Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications

OR if passed prior to 9/1/2010, Praxis 5353, Education of Exceptional Students: Core Content Knowledge.

If you passed the Praxis 5354 or 5353 exam, but matriculated into the MSSP program on or after 9/1/11, you must still pass the Praxis 5543 exam in order to fulfill a WGU Program Requirement.

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