DC Secondary Science Certification and Exam Requirements

District of Columbia Secondary Science Certification and Exam Requirements

Note:  While we do our best to give you accurate and up to date information about your state requirements, we are not infallible.  State requirements change frequently.  It is your responsibility, and in your best interest, to double check certification and licensure requirements with your state’s Department of Education.


Secondary Science Certifications Available:  

Biology, Grades 7-12
Chemistry, Grades 7-12
Physics, Grades 7-12

Graduates of a WGU science grades 5-12 teacher preparation program will be eligible for grades 7-12 teacher certification in DC in the area(s) in which they have content specialization.  Students in a Post-baccalaureate or MAT Science 5-12 program will be eligible for certification that aligns with their undergraduate science major and must take the corresponding content exams. Please note that while WGU's secondary science teacher preparation programs cover grades 5-12, grades 7-12 certification will be awarded in DC because that is how the District of Columbia defines the grade range of secondary-level certification. 

Science Exams and Requirements:


 Area of Certification


 Required Praxis II Exams


 Science 7-12, Biology

Content Exam: Praxis II 0235, Biology: Content Knowledge
Pedagogy Exam: Praxis II 0624 (paper) or 5624 (computer): Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7-12


 Science 7-12, Chemistry

Content Exam: Praxis II 0245, Chemistry: Content Knowledge
Pedagogy Exam: Praxis II 0624 (paper) or 5624 (computer): Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7-12


 Science 7-12, Physics

Content Exam: 0265, Physics: Content Knowledge exam
Pedagogy Exam: 0624 (paper) or 5624 (computer): Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7-12


To qualify for a Secondary Science grades 7-12 certificate in DC in one of the endorsement areas listed above, you must pass the Praxis II exam that aligns with your science content area major/specialization as well as meet all other general DC teacher certification requirements.

WGU Program Requirement: You must consult your mentor and the WGU Praxis graduation requirements article in this handbook to determine whether you are required to take any additional Praxis tests to meet WGU program requirements for graduation.


Before registering for a Praxis II content exam, be sure to review WGU's general policies regarding external certification exams. Exam registration is available through the ETS website at www.ets.org/praxis.  The ETS website will provide you with the test dates available.  The minimum required scores for Washington D.C. can be found by reviewing the DC Praxis Exam Requirements.


To ensure that WGU receives ALL of your exam scores and can verify your eligibility for licensure, you must fax a copy of your official score report to the Assessments Office at 1-801-606-7021 or email a scanned copy to scores@wgu.edu.  All required exam scores must be on file with WGU at your time of graduation so that the Certification Officer can recommend you for certification.


Information on how to submit direct application to the District of Columbia for initial teacher certification upon completion of your WGU program is available in the DC Teacher Certification Application Information article in this handbook.  Those seeking an added endorsement to a current teaching certificate after completion of a Masters of Science Education program at WGU should follow the instructions in the Adding an Endorsement to a DC Teaching Certificate article in this handbook.  




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